Paging Technology Advancements


There's more to an amplified paging system than what you may imagine. Paging technology has advanced dramatically in the past 10 years. Speakers can now run more efficiently, paging controllers have built-in telephone port interfaces, sound is better controlled, centralized PC administration and systems are now VoIP capable.



Zone Controllers:

  • Single Zone Universal Telephone Interfacepage
  • Multi Zone Universal Telephone Interface
  • Zone Paging Controller with Talk Back
  • Zone Expansion Modules
  • VOIP Gateways for Paging

Horns and Speakers:

  • Digital Horns
  • Industrial Grade Horns
  • Amplified Drop-in Ceiling Speakers
  • Amplified Ceiling Speaker Assembly
  • Amplified Surface Mount Speakers
  • Amplified Metal Box Speakers
  • Amplified Baffle Wall Speakers


Centralized Administration


Centralized viewing and management from any computer on the network. Complete training and 24 Hour Emergency support on all systems. VoIP gateways provide a paging solution for remote branch offices across your existing network. Administrators can maintain multiple sites from one central console.



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