Why Sound Masking

Sound masking, sometimes called white noise is an important consideration for office environments.

  1. Provide speech privacy and prevent eavesdropping especially when confidentiality is critical.
  2. Improve Workplace Productivity in noisy environments that make concentration and focus difficult.
  3. Reduce workplace stress levels and increase employee satisfaction.
  4. To meet HIPPA requirements for Oral Privacy. Keep Private Information Private.

Our audio solutions ensure privacy and reduce distractions in virtually any workspace. Sound masking is an unobtrusive airflow-like sound added to a space to reduce the intelligibility of distracting or confidential conversations. Applications are available for work environments of any size – from large, multi-building campuses to modest satellite offices. Paging and music are integrated with sound masking, making this a 3-in-1 technology


What is sound masking and why is it used?

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air conditioning-like background sound to an environment. Masking covers up or “masks” human speech and helps mitigate the distraction of other sounds, making an environment more comfortable, workers more productive and creating speech privacy.

Where is sound masking used?

Sound masking is used anywhere speech privacy or speech confidentiality is desired or required and in any work space to reduce distractions and improve productivity. The most typical installations are open office plans, private offices, and public spaces.

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